In 2007, musician Kathryn Calder (of The New Pornographers) is touring the world with one of Canada’s biggest indie rock bands when her family receives devastating news: her mother, Lynn, has two to three years left to live. She has ALS.

Kathryn learns that ALS is a progressive, paralyzing disease, with no treatment or cure. A terminal illness requiring full time care. Consequently, she decides to return to her childhood home, committed to being her mom’s primary caregiver through the final months of her life.

The foundation of Lynn and Kathryn’s bond goes beyond mother and daughter—they share a love of music. Lynn, a former piano teacher, has always dreamed of seeing her daughter in the spotlight, singing her own songs. Inspired to make something beautiful amidst the grief and trauma of this long, painful goodbye, Kathryn transforms the living room of their house into a studio. With her mother in bed just down the hall and her condition worsening every day, Kathryn will fill the house with music and make a record—her first solo album—a parting gift for her biggest fan. 

A Matter of Time is a heart-breaking yet hopeful documentary that examines the power of love and music, and the inspiration, salvation, and possibility that occurs when these two forces intersect with the most challenging moment in a young musician’s life. 

Documentary - 85 mins - Canada



Jacob Burns Film Center

10/08/2017 – 1pm / 7:30pm

Glasgow Film Festival

26/02/2017 Glasgow Film Theatre

Rio Theatre (Vancouver)

31/07/2016 – (Q&A w/ Kathryn Calder)

Copper Owl (Victoria, BC)

12/07/2016 – (Q&A w/ Kathryn Calder)

DOXA Documentary Film Festival (Vancouver)

12/05/2016 – Vancity Theatre (Q&A w/ Kathryn Calder)

NorthwestFest (Edmonton, Alberta)

14/05/2016 Landmark City Centre

Santa Barbara International Film Festival

05/02/2016 – (Q&A w/ Kathryn Calder)

Raindance Film Festival (London, UK)

27/09/2015 – (Q&A w/ Kathryn Calder)


Director: Casey Cohen

Producers: Casey Cohen, Matthew Stotland

Director of Photography: Josh Huculiak

Film Editor: Alec Mathewson

Original Score: Kathryn Calder

Sound Director: John Diemer

Animation Director: Darren Pasemko

Associate Producer: Jonathan E Gold

Executive Producers: Michael Prupas, Jonas Prupas

A Yellow Bird Project Film

Distributed in Canada by Kinosmith

Distributed in the USA by First Run Features

Distributed in Scandinavia by Non Stop Entertainment